Monday, June 20, 2011

FIFA is a Mess

I am trying to think of a good acronym for FIFA, the Federation Internationale de Association Football, but am having a hard time keeping it clean.

With the resignation of Jack Warner, cleared of all charges of corruption by FIFA's internal ethics committee, a spot has opened up on the executive committee. My hope is that it is filled by someone who is worthy, someone who really cares for the game and has no ulterior motives. The cynic in me suggests it will be filled by another kowtowing Blatter crony.

Leadership should change at FIFA, but who should be in charge? How can one get into a position to represent, for example, American Soccer on the international stage? If time were abundant I would research the answer, but alas, this blog is for asking questions about that which I do not know, hoping some person somewhere can provide an answer.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USA vs. Spain -- Int. Friendly

I was at the game. It was so nice out that day, tailgating was great, the atmosphere was incredible (pre-game), everyone was stoked to see two great national sides compete.

We knew Xavi and Puyol were staying home, but this was a primo Spain team to catch, regardless of the cast -- enough quality was on show to give an improving US side a great game.

Unfortunately the US looked completely lost or inept throughout, even though Spain were practically navigating on autopilot. Certainly put off by the pitch (don't get me started), the hung over Spanish players were very professional, playing some class ball and making a game of it. The best the US could do was to play kick and run with the kids. Bradley should have played his best squad from the start -- who cares if we beat Guadeloupe in the Gold Cup, or even Canada.

Bob Bradley embarrassed us by putting out this side. It was an insult to the Spanish players that made the journey.